California School News — August 2017
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Governance Corner Practical Tips From Our MIG Faculty

This new feature in California School News provides useful tips to help your district or county office board fulfill its governance responsibilities.

Many districts and county offices are preparing for elections later this fall and seek guidance from CSBA on how to better inform the candidates who have filed to run.

CSBA’s Masters in Governance faculty has put together some ideas on how to make this process as effective as possible:

1.Host a candidate information session, providing an overview of the following:

» School board roles and responsibilities

» District operations, the departments and their functions

» Key issues that may impact the district in the future

» How board meetings work and how decisions are made

2.Provide reliable information. Consider making these items available to all candidates:

» CSBA’s School Board Leadership Brochure

» CSBA’s Professional Governance Standards

» Your district’s Board Bylaws on The Role of the Board (BB 9000) and Limits of Board Member Authority (BB 9200)

» A packet of information about your district and how it works

Often candidates and new trustees are very surprised to learn what they can and cannot do as board members.

3.Encourage candidates to attend public board meetings, so that they can better acclimate to the decision-making process.

4.Keep it fair: Board candidates should have the same access as members of the public to district staff and information.

Many districts have found that the orientation process facilitates the building of a new, effective governance team once the election results are final and the new board is seated.