California School News — August 2017
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Nominate Members For CSBA Board Of Directors

Nominations for CSBA Directors-at-Large African American, American Indian and County are being accepted through Friday, Sept. 29.

Nominations for Regional Directors from CSBA odd-numbered regions are also due by Friday, Sept. 29. The nominations for Directors-at-Large must be made by a CSBA member board and the nominee must be a board member from a CSBA member district or county office of education. Only a CSBA member County Board of Education may submit nominations for the Director-at-Large, County seat. The nominations for Regional Director must be made by a CSBA Delegate from the respective region.

Directors-at-Large and Regional Directors shape policy and set organizational direction for the association. As part of the Board of Directors, they are also responsible for oversight of CSBA’s corporate functions, including programs, products and budget. The Board of Directors also provides insight on the impact of legislation and state policy on local boards.

The Board consists of four officers, 21 regional directors from across the state, five directors-at-large, the California County Boards of Education president and any California board member serving on the National School Boards Association Board of Directors. The Delegate Assembly elects directors to serve a two-year term beginning immediately upon the close of the Annual Education Conference and Trade Show in December.

More information on the election process is available on the CSBA website at